If it exists, we can capture it on film! If it doesn't exist our CGI & VFX team can create it.
The Maximus Family is already in the film industry for many generations. It's in our blood to make amazing film productions. We are not the Cowboys who run around with a camera and hope they can edit it to a movie.
Our team prepares every production into the smallest detail, no matter the size of the production, we help you from idea to the budgeting to the synopsis to the script to storyboard, to the location scouting, to the shortlist, and the casting, and legal work for permits, and talent releases so you know beforehand that you will get the best result possible for your budget!
And that's only the pre-production.
The production phase is at our studios in the best hands your budget can get. We film in any format, in 2D or 3D. And as soon it's a wrap, our Post-production team will edit it, add CGI & VFX, and deliver your film where your audience will definitely be impressed and stunned off!

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