MAXIMUS Studios is a creative & strategic company located in Burbank California USA and Eindhoven the Netherlands, serving the Leisure industries, Motion Picture industries and the Hospitality industries World Wide.

Already in their youngest years, the Maximus siblings were active as young entrepreneurs in the Internet, Advertising, Design, Audio and Video industries. In 1992 the companies MAXIMUS Studios and Maximus Creative Communications were officially registered at the Chamber of Commerce. Since that day the companies went through expansions. New companies were founded others were pushed off, sold or closed. In 2010 the Group of companies was sold except the privately owned creative company Maximus Studios. In 2017 Maximus Studios celebrated her 25th anniversary, by putting the company back in the spotlights. The original house style got an update, the book "25 years of the different creativity", the company presentation got an make-over and a new marketing campaign was launched. With success else you wouldn't read this webpage.

25 years of excellent creativity MAXIMUS Studios stands for excellent creativity in the Leisure and Hospitality industries. Experience what 25 years of creativity can do for you. Include us in your next project tender, and find out what we can offer you, free of charge.